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St John's College

Yoga classes at St John's College are held in the Palmerston Room within the Fisher Building (at the rear of the college).

The nearest entrance to this is via the Cripps Porters' Lodge (off Northampton Street, down the road next to the St John's Chop House), but if you're coming from the city centre, the Great Gate or the Forecourt Porters' Lodge may be more convenient.

If you've entered through Cripps, finding the Fisher Building is very simple - it's the white building ahead and to your right! The entrance, however, is at the other end of the building to the lodge. The Porters can always point you in the correct direction.

From the Forecourt Lodge, you need to come through Chapel Court into Second Court - and if you've entered via the Great Gate, you need to walk through First Court into Second. From here, you pass through Third Court, and over the Bridge of Sighs. Continue on through New Court, and turn right half way along (going through E staircase). Turn left to go through River Court, and the Fisher Building is in front of you.

Finally, if you've entered college by the gate onto the backs, you'll need to come into New Court (through the very large wooden doors) into the cloisters. Continue straight on through the court and E staircase, and into River Court, turning left - the Fisher Building will be ahead of you.

Once you're into the Fisher Building, go through the foyer, and the Palmerston Room is on your right.

Alternatively, enter the college at St John's Street and walk through the college across the Bridge of Sighs, through New Court to Cripps Building and to the Fisher Building. You can download a college plan showing the location of the Fisher Building here.