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Yoga Mats

Whilst mats are provided at every class (and the ones we provide are regularly washed) we strongly recommend that you buy your own - feet and hands sweat during practice and with all the cracks and crevices yoga mats have a way of collecting dirt so it's much more hygenic to bring your own.

You can buy a yoga mat for as little as £3 but cheaper mats can contain Latex which apart from being fairly useless at providing grip is also not very environmentally friendly as disposal is difficult.

There are many websites selling a bewildering choice of mats from around £12 upwards and I have tried most of them. One of the best mats available is the traditional non-slip sticky Oeko-Tex Yoga Mat which has been the choice of many leading yoga institutes, clubs, schools, councils, yoga teachers and yoga students for many years. The Classic Yoga Mat, is machine washable, made in accordance with strict environmental regulations and tested against harmful substances for skin contact (Oeko-Tex 100 Level 2) to ensure your safety and are latex free.

You can buy online from Ruth White.


180cm LIGHT BLUE Classic Yoga Mat

The non-slip sticky Oeko-Tex Purple Classic Yoga Mat is a high quality non slip mat offering a good balance of cushioning and excellent grip whilst remaining easy to roll up, carry and is machine washable at 40°C. All Ruth White Oeko-Tex Yoga Mats are made in accordance with strict environmental regulations which minimise the impact of their production on the environment. This can only be said of Oeko-Tex yoga mats made in Europe.