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Uniyoga runs yoga classes in Cambridge University colleges. Classes cost from £3 to £5 on a drop-in basis. University students and non students are welcome. There is no membership, no course fee, no obligation ... and no chanting. It is simply excellent instruction in both classic and contemporary yoga posture practice delivered in a direct and positive way.

You won't be lost in the crowd - Each class provides a complete practice that is suitable for both beginners and more experienced students as general instruction is balanced with specific guidance on adjusting postures according to your own ability.

Martin teaches Hatha Flow Yoga which via a series of postures, internal dynamics and breathing techniques, encourages a deeper understanding and control of the physical body.

The physical practice, concentration, awareness and graceful expression of yoga posture brings together disparate elements of our being and expresses them in harmony. This articulation systematically releases layers of tension and generates a calming and uplifting sense of well being.

For the beginner, there is a balanced introduction to the benefits of specific yoga techniques and for the more experienced, an anatomical focus to help build on the stunning simplicity of this practice.

On the surface, yoga is just systemized stretching but it is the way that we stretch that makes it different from anything else you are likely to experience. Whilst its method is mainly physical - its effects are further reaching. Yoga works and tones every muscle in the body, it brings balance to the nervous system, it massages the internal organs, it encourages alignment of bones and muscles and improves posture, it restores healthy breathing, it feeds body tissue and enhances skin quality, it generates energy whilst at the same time calming the mind. Once you start, the benefits are so immediately obvious you become your own teacher. The process of enquiry, adjustment and acceptance brings with it a direct and authentic connection and subsequent shift in the way that we think about ourselves.

Yoga is brilliant - it's good for the body, good for the mind and a wonderful way to enhance your life - what are you waiting for?